Who We Are

The Thirteen Step House Inc.’s mission is to provide a safe and secure living environment to allow alcoholics and addicts an opportunity to recover physically, mentally, and spiritually.

What We Do

Through our rigorous daily work based on AA’s 12 Step program, we provide support and encouragement for every member with the vital skills they need to succeed.

Our Impact

We Care

The Board of Directors, management and staff all share a common goal. To provide grace with dignity to those who are struggling with alcoholism and addiction issues in their lives.

We Build Networks

By involving the men who reside at the 13 Step House in communities that help these men up. Relationships are developed that can last a lifetime. Providing support and encouragement as they journey through life.

We Strengthen

We work with individuals to establish honesty and transparency, to nurture self love, and to develop an internal moral compass in an environment that is both uplifting and nonjudgmental.

We Educate

“You don’t know, what you don’t Know”. Classes and groups are provided to help participants realize their own potential and outside possibilities.

We Consult

The management team and staff at the 13 Step House work with Community Corrections, Drug Court, Recovery Works and several other rehabilitative programs to help these men navigate complex times in their lives.

We Find & Fund

The 13 Step House depends on the generosity of the Fort Wayne Community to provide the resources to the men we serve. We do this through contributions and grants from the local community.

Our Stories

Life is what you make of it. Sit
around and do nothing… you get
nothing. This is a program of action.
Faith without works is dead.

— Willie went through the program 15 years ago...

Community Resources

Special thanks to these resources that play a vital role to the success of our organization.

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