What We Do

We support men to reach their
fullest potential.

Our Impact

Through our rigorous daily work based on AA’s 12 Step program, we provide support and encouragement for every member with the vital skills they need to succeed.

Our Process

Daily Work

This is a program of action, below is a snapshots of essential principles that will be applied to daily living.

Implement AA’s 12 Step Program

The 12 Steps, is the foundation behind our program. We encourage newcomers to go to 90 meetings in 90 days, have a sponsor, establish a home group, serve in local positions, and national conferences.

Develop Life Skills

We focus on helping the men be successful adults, teaching them money management, study skills, employment skills, cooking classes and how to become independent.

Keep Spiritually Fit

It doesn’t matter if you’ve known God your whole life or just getting to know him —practicing daily prayer keeps all of us spiritually fit.

Build Your New Life

We want to show how recovery can and should be fun by incorporating social activities, recreational activities, and more into our weekly schedule. Recovery should be a program of attraction.

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